Ask the Experts: Our go-to sealants for pediatric and adult patients

Properly applied sealants are a cornerstone of dental hygiene prevention, especially for young patients—but they’re not just for kids. We recently asked our editorial advisory board how they would handle sealant application in two very different patient situations. If you’ve got patients who love gummy worms and patients who love coffee (and we know you do), read on!

Patient A

This 7-year-old patient is at high risk for caries due to his diet, which includes sugary drinks and sticky foods, and his oral hygiene habits; he brushes just once a day and flosses only occasionally. He has normal dexterity for oral hygiene for his age, and while he seems mildly interested in home-care instruction, his parents are not particularly interested in enforcing good habits at home.

Patient B

This 42-year-old patient has excellent oral hygiene awareness and habits but is suffering decay issues. She has medication-
induced xerostomia. She enjoys a few cups of sweetened coffee spread throughout the day, which she drinks slowly. She is frustrated by the current state of her oral health and is interested in additional preventive measures.

Amber Metro-Sanchez, BA, RDH

What is your sealant of choice for these patients, and why?

For the younger patient, I would use UltraSeal XT hydro by Ultradent. This sealant material works well in a moist environment, which thankfully reduces the constant need for saliva control in this age group. This product also releases fluoride after placement and has excellent wear resistance, so it is a winner for this patient all around.