Implant care: Two dental hygienist team up for CE company

Seminars presented by Healy and Obrotka explain the importance of implant maintenance

With implant surgical and restorative markets forecasted to reach $12.32 billion by 2021, dental professionals will encounter patients who are either candidates for implants or have implants currently. Do you know what to expect with a patient with implants and how to decide whether the area is healthy or exhibits peri-implant disease? With the increased incidence of peri-implant diseases, implant maintenance is an important aspect of total implant care and long-term success.

Maintenance protocols vary but Shavonne Healy, RDH, BSDH, and Melissa Obrotka, RDH, BBAOM, have developed a company, RDH Innovations, that provide strategies for safe, effective implant maintenance care and information. Their programs include:

    • “Dental Implants Uncovered: Prevention, Detection and Intervention”


    • “Are You Prepared to Treat the Terminator? Caring for Patients with Advanced Implant Supported Prosthesis”


    • “A Dental Hygienist in Oral Surgery? Introducing the Implant Care Practitioner.”


The “Dental Implants Uncovered” program reviews:

– The etiology and factors associated with peri-implant diseases

– Froum and Rosen’s peri-implantitis classification system

– Implant surface characteristics and prosthetic design

– Decontamination protocols and combination therapies for the management of peri-implant diseases.