Senior Dental Plans – Also Vision and Hearing Coverage

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Senior dental insurance can be a challenging task. Whether you are coming into Medicare or just need to find a dental plan it can be a bit confusing. Also including vision coverage and hearing coverage. Most coming off of a group plan likely had dental coverage, vision coverage and hearing coverage.
The good news is that there are a couple of different options. You can choose from a discount dental plan which likely will include vision and hearing coverage or you can choose a PPO type dental plan.
PPO type dental plans are offered through insurance companies and generally provide ,000 or ,500 in benefits per year. These plans will usually have a 6 month waiting period on major services if you have not had credible dental coverage in the recent past. This can pose a problem if you are in need of dental services in the near future.
Discount dental plans can offer a very good benefit at a much lower premium. Discount dental plans offer pre-negotiated rates with dentist that can be 40%- 60% less that what you would pay without insurance. Discount dental plans can also offer vision coverage and hearing coverage. All without a waiting period.
Premiums on these 2 choices can vary greatly. PPO plans will usually cost about per person per month. Discount dental plans are close to per month and you can add family members for less than that.
It is very easy to get a discount dental plan. You can do everything yourself online without having to speak with anyone.
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