2018 Heart to Hands Award: Hygienists use video to explain how they deliver oral health messages

With videos, three hygienists highlight how dental hygiene continues to shape their destiny


Editor’s Note: Some of you may have arrived at this link due to a reference within the April 2018 issue of RDH magazine. If so, you are at the right place. The videos for the three award recipients are below. You may have read the article elsewhere, but please scroll down until you can see and play the videos. If you have stumbled across this article quite innocently, we hope you enjoy the article and videos.

The “safe” environment in dental settings, oral health education in the hospital setting, and anecdotes about villagers in Uganda will receive some quality video time during the second annual Heart to Hands award this June.

In a ceremony during the American Dental Hygienists’ Association’s annual session, dental hygiene leaders will watch and salute the award-winning Heart to Hands videos submitted by Mandi Bauer, RDH, Dara McConnell, RDH, and Rachel Bellon-Roxas, RDH.

Bauer, a dental hygienist in Jonesboro, Ark., offered the most global view in her video, sharing how preventive care in Uganda struggles to overcome tribal traditions. Bellon-Roxas is a Canadian recipient of the award, and she explained in her video “the value of being proactive with dental care is a lot more valuable than being reactive.” The final recipient, McConnell, practices in Maryland, but on a monthly basis she dedicates time to providing care to underprivileged children in six Maryland counties. The trio described their visions in videos that were approximately two minutes long.