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Invisalign UPDATE! Tray 5, Attachments (buttons) + more! ♡ aLoveTart

In case you missed my very first Invisalign video: https://youtu.be/qVktr5XBJ0E & check out the playlist too! http://bit.ly/alovetartInvisalign **More comments I wanted to share! The amount of glue varies for attaching the buttons, I feel like the person who did my bottoms was more precise with it and the top ones have a lot of extra glue on my teeth. That’s a bit of a bummer because I hear it stains. Each tray has black text on it that tells you what tray you are on (you can see it when I open my mouth in the video!)… any other questions you have, let me know! Let’s connect on Twitter & Instagram (my fave) @alovetart & Subscribe ♡ http://bit.ly/SubscribeAlovetart

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Invisalign- Everything you need to know

What is the Invisalign Process? How much does Invisalign cost? Pros/Cons- everything you need to know about Invisalign.

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How to Wear Orthodontic Elastic Bands

http://www.wilsonbraces.com/types-of-appliances How to Wear Orthodontic Elastic Bands

Wearing your Elastics
If you have been asked to wear elastics during your orthodontic treatment, it’s important to wear them exactly as instructed by your orthodontist.
During your first visit we told you hold long you will be in treatment but remember that has to do a lot with your level of cooperation. If you don’t do what you’re supposed to, it could make your time in braces longer.
Full-time wear mean you should have your elastics in place day and night, unless you are chewing food, brushing your teeth or taking part in an activity that requires a mouthguard.
Night time wear means you should have them in place as you sleep every night.

There are six types of elastic:
Class II Elastics
Class III Elastics
Seating Elastics
Class II Triangles
Class III Triangles
V Elastics

This video shows you how to put the elastics on but be sure to place the elastics on both the left and right sides.

If you have any questions, just call us during office hours and we’ll be happy to help!

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What are Dental Veneers?

It is often asked in dentistry, what are dental veneers. And the answer is- A wafer-thin translucent ceramic shell placed over a tooth and applied with special glue is known as a veneer. Dental veneers made of ceramic or porcelain veneers are mainly used on the front teeth.
Dental veneers are used to rectify to minor chipping of the teeth due to accidents. Porcelain veneers are also used to rectify simple tooth misalignments, tooth gaps, unsatisfactory tooth coloration and local discoloration. Dental veneers are used to give an optimized look to visible tooth surfaces and tooth colour is individually corrected.
There are various steps involved in the application of porcelain veneers, the first of them being the “wax-up” step. In this a thread is inserted to protect the gums in the diamond grinder sanding process. Next a very thin layer is removed from the enamel to ensure an aesthetically pleasant and long lasting result. At the end of the tooth impression preparation, a bite registration is made and a provisional plastic veneer is refined and temporarily attached to the patient’s teeth.
Post the selection of colour the actual veneers are manufactured. The actual veneers are careful affixed using top quality gluing substances, only after the complete removal of blood, saliva etc from the surface of the tooth.
The video would take you through the step-by-step process of manufacturing and affixing of dental veneers. http://www.checkdent.com

Extraction of an Impacted Canine


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Maxillary canines are the most commonly impacted teeth, second only to third molars. Maxillary canine impaction occurs in approximately 2% of the population and is twice as common in females as it is in males.
The genetic theory points to genetic factors as a primary origin of palatally displaced maxillary canines and includes other possibly associated dental anomalies.
It has been suggested that the following clinical signs might be indicative of canine impaction:
1. Delayed eruption of the permanent canine or prolonged retention of the deciduous canine beyond 14–15 years of age,
2. Absence of a normal labial canine bulge,
3. Presence of a palatal bulge, and
4. Delayed eruption, distal tipping, or migration (splaying) of the lateral incisor.
When to Extract an Impacted Canine
1. If it is ankylosed and cannot be transplanted,
2. If it is undergoing external or internal root resorption,
3. If its root is severely dilacerated,
4. If the impaction is severe (e.g., the canine is lodged between the roots of the central and lateral incisors and orthodontic movement will jeopardize these teeth),
5. If the occlusion is acceptable, with the first premolar in the position of the canine and with an otherwise functional occlusion with well-aligned teeth,
6. If there are pathologic changes (e.g., cystic formation, infection), and
7. If the patient does not desire orthodontic treatment.