Invisalign – Advantages And Downsides

In a world where looks are becoming very important for success in personal and career progression, the look and appearance of our teeth are important. Not all of us are born with the best-looking teeth and gums and therefore at some point in time we need to straighten it out and make it look presentable. Even a few decades ago, braces were the only option available. However, this is not the case as far as modern-day options are concerned. Today science and technology have helped us to come out with new methods. There is a growing demand for a more sophisticated solution called invisalign and it would be interesting to know more about it.

What It is All About?

 This is often considered to be one of the best ways by which you can improve the quality of your smile. Unlike the conventional metal braces which many thousands of children are used to in schools, invisalign offers a virtually invisible solution. In other words, the world outside will not know that you are undergoing some correction to align your teeth properly. Hence it has many reasons to become highly popular. We are sharing below a few obvious reasons why it is good to choose this form of teeth straightening.

  •    It is virtually invisible. This goes a long way in not feeling embarrassed when one moves around with this option. It makes them more confident and less self-conscious. Hence it certainly is a big emotional motivator.
  •    It is also removable, unlike traditional braces which can be removed only when you visit a dentist.
  •    It is easier to clean. The conventional braces are notorious because they attract food particles making the process of cleaning quite tough. This is not the case withRichmondinvisalign. It also is painful in many cases.
  •    It is comfortable when compared to traditional metal braces. They are known to cause discomfort, irritation and even pain in some cases. This happens when the metal often comes in contact with the insides of your mouth. On the other hand, invisalign uses smooth plastic metal which does not cause abrasion.


It should be removed before meals. Dentists recommend that they are removed with each meal of eating process. Only water can be drunk without removing these invisalign braces. This could be a big nuisance for many.

  •    Frequent teeth cleaning are also something which could be irritating for many users of this option.  Regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing are a must with invisalign.
  •    It is expensive. Compared to conventional braces, there is no doubt that invisalign is a more expensive option. Hence, it may not be actually affordable for all those who are looking at cost-effective solutions.

 The Final Word

 When the pros, cons, and features are taken into account there is hardly any doubt that you have many reasons to choose invisalign over others. Though the cost of the process could be a bit higher, it is worth it because it offers a more private and confidential way of treating improper teeth formation. It, however, boils down to personal choices and choosing the right Orthodontist Richmond TX is, of course, vital and critical.



Brinley’s orthodontist visit did not go as smooth as expected!


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Curious how a large homeschooling family does life?! Well…


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