Product review examines anesthetic gel for gingivitis procedures

Recently launched by Gingi-Pak, GingiCaine Oral Anesthetic Gel is now available in convenient “Syringe Kits.” Each syringe contains 1.2 ml of strawberry flavored gel, formulated to deliver anesthesia directly into the sulcus. For maximum control, use the Gingi-Pak micro needle tips that feature a 7mm gauge mark and rounded end to eliminate the danger of poking or tearing inflamed epithelium.

The 20% benzocaine gel formula has a quick 15-second onset, making it ideal for a variety of procedures, including the new gingivitis procedure (D4346). The gel flows smoothly with no gritty feel and no bitter aftertaste.

The GingiCaine kit comes with 20 syringes and 40 micro tips. For more information, visit or order today by contacting your dental supply representative.

Tooth brushing in 10 Seconds Flat?

Three years ago, Marvin Musialek, founder and CEO of Amabrush, began developing the first simultaneous automatic brushing prototypes with an advisor, Dr. Hady Haririan from the Medical University of Vienna School of Dentistry. The resulting product is a device that brushes all teeth in 10 seconds flat. You read that right, full mouth brushing in 10 seconds flat!

The premise of the Amabrush is to save users time by cleaning all tooth surfaces simultaneously with soft, vibrating bristles. The device consists of a handpiece, toothpaste capsule, and mouthpiece. According to Amabrush, the toothbrush can clean each surface, including the distal of those pesky third molars. The Amabrush does not replace flossing.

The flexible mouthpiece is made of antibacterial silicone and features 3D arranged bristles that are directed in a 45-degree angle toward the gingival margin, simulating the Bass technique. Soft enough to prevent damage to the gum tissue, but strong enough to thoroughly clean the teeth, the mouthpiece can simply be rinsed after each use.