How dental consultants and hygienists can weigh the scientific evidence about Remin Pro

Show me the science and then show me clinical evidence. I need to see the proof! In 2009 I graduated from Ohio State University, and the educators permanently left an impression on my brain that says, “Show me the science.” I currently hold an active license in Hawaii and Ohio and have an obligation to my profession. This obligation is to continue to educate myself on dentistry’s most recent products.

In this article, I will touch on two different points of view when it comes to the product Remin Pro from Voco—the point of view as a dental hygienist and a point of view as a dental consultant. While the two hats that I wear are very different, they both are heavily rooted in science and evidence. In general, science to a consultant and science to a dental hygienist are the same thing. However, in my experience the two perspectives view evidence differently. When I analyze the evidence as a dental hygienist, my first thought is to request the clinical numbers and to examine the science in detail, under a microscope. I need to see it. When I analyze the evidence as a consultant, I want to see and understand the bigger picture. As a consultant, I need to see before-and-after photos that are compelling enough to tell a story in other practices for their patients with clinical needs.

Figure 1 : Courtesy of Merrillville Family Dental Care in Merrillville, Ind.

As a dental hygienist

Let’s first look at this from my perspective as a hygienist. Remin Pro is a water-based tooth cream with nano-hydroxyapatite, xylitol, and fluoride. It is important to know that the fluoride is sodium fluoride and delivers 1,450 ppm compared to similar products that have a lower fluoride content. It is indicated for patients who have sensitivity or are looking to prevent sensitivity. Because the product contains nano-hydroxyapatite the tooth is protected from demineralization and acid erosion.1

In general, science to a consultant and science to a dental hygienist are the same thing.

Remin Pro is great for patients with previous, past, or current ortho and is what I believe should be an industry standard for all orthodontic patients. It is important to point out that patient compliance is essential—not only at home but in keeping their appointments in office. The following is the protocol for patients with white spot lesions:

  • Take pictures (with Ortho camera and cheek retractors).