Tooth Discoloration & Tooth Whitening

Now many people are doing teeth whitening in OKC to boost their smile and confidence. Tooth whitening is a procedure that helps to remove discoloration and stains from your teeth. It is one of the most popular dental procedures since it can easily improve the look of your teeth. In fact, most of the dentists are able to do tooth whitening successfully.  However, it is not a one-time solution. If you want to maintain that look, you will have to go through this procedure many times.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

Enamel, the outer layer of your teeth, decides your teeth color. The natural color of your teeth is created by the scattering of light off the outer layer by combining with the dentin color under it. Your genes affect the smoothness and thickness of your enamel. With thinner enamel, there will be more color of the dentin. When you have rough enamel, it can affect the color of your teeth.  Thick enamel maintains the tooth natural color for a long.

In addition, thin coating forms on your enamel every day. That picks up the stains easily. Your food habits can also cause tooth stains. Here are a few causes of teeth stains.

  •    Aging can make your enamel thinner resulting in discoloration
  •    Poor oral health
  •    Drinking and eating dark drinks and solids such as coffee, tea, wine, and dark chocolates

You can have stain both inside and outside of your teeth. When there are stains inside, these are called intrinsic stains. You can get these stains due to too much fluoride exposure. Tetracycline antibiotic can also cause inside stain. Even the trauma can result in darken teeth.  Tooth whitening can help to improve the condition. It is an easy procedure. If you want, you can do it at your home. Visiting a dentist might offer you a more effective result.  When the condition is worse, it is better to take the help of a dentist.

If you visit a dentist, he might take the photograph of your teeth to find out the possible causes of stains.  Also, it will help him to monitor the progress.  Once he will find out the cause, he will clean your teeth to remove food, bacteria, and other substances. After this is done, he will start the whitening procedure.

Things to Consider

Tooth whitening is a great option for all those having good oral health. If you have other dental problems, it is suggested to treat the condition before considering whitening. Also, if you have receding gums or tooth decay, whitening might affect your tooth and can make it more sensitive.  It will not work on the veneers, porcelain crowns, or ceramic.

As stated earlier, whitening will not offer a permanent solution. The stains will keep coming back. The possibility and frequency will be more if you smoke or consume stain-causing food and drinks. In fact, it will start fading within a month without proper care. If you avoid the sources of discoloration, it can last six to twelve months.

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