How veneers fixed the gap in my two front teeth

I know this video is weird, but I struggled with having a large gap in my two front teeth my whole life. A lot of my job is on camera and the large gap drives me crazy in a lot of ways. My lip would get caught in it even trying to talk on camera and I had to do something. After spending a TON of money on braces that could never pull it together I finally found a dentist who said no prob let’s fix it with veneers and crowns. We ONLY did my top four teeth. That is all I needed!

Brian Svoboda made me a mold of exactly what my teeth should like like before we agreed to basically drill my original top four all off. (Scary!) Um yeah, do NOT look or feel the nubs during the process. I about had a heart attack.

I did loose a temporary veneer tooth in the process. I was at a wedding and I was all of the sudden toothless. I recommend NOT going out of the state while having temporaries on and being away from your dentist. I also DID have to have a root canal done on my front tooth because the drilling was too close to my nerve. HUGE thanks to endodontist Perri Carnes in Littleton for helping with that part of it.

Southbridge Dentistry & Dr. Svoboda in Littleton, CO is amazing and they are NOT paying me to say this. I went to several different people before him that made me feel stupid or told me I would have to get an entire mouth of veneers to fix it.