Interactive brushing from Philips; plus, Ugly toothpastes focuses on the organic ingredients

By Kim Miller, RDH, BSDH

Sonicare DiamondClean Smart

The Sonicare DiamondClean Toothbrush, which recently launched at the California Dental Association meeting and was highlighted at RDH Under One Roof, delivers an advanced interactive brushing experience. According to Philips, this smart brush offers complete care for a healthier mouth through intuitive brushing and personalized coaching based on feedback from the radio-frequency identification brushheads. Simply download the app and sync the brush with your smart phone and begin the experience. Features from the Philips brush include:

  • A smart timer paces each quad for two minutes of brushing. The three intensity settings are low, medium, and high. Five modes provide different types of brushing experiences, including one for tongue care. A pressure sensor alerts the user with a pulsating handle and a light on the handle.
  • The smart sensor technology syncs with the cell phone. Location is tracked in facial and lingual segments.A scrubbing sensor prompts the user to use less motion.
  • The personalized coaching on the phone’s app provides information on needed touch-up areas, as well as areas requiring more focus. A 3D map of the mouth and a progress report is also available. In addition, there’s a brush head performance monitor.

DiamondClean Smart comes in four colors – black, pink, white, and silver. Visit for more information.

Ugly Toothpaste

Personal care products formulated with non-psychoactive hemp and cannabidiol oils are starting to hit the market. I recently came across one such product. Let me introduce you to Ugly by Nature, a raw, whipped toothpaste made with all organic and natural ingredients.

Ugly toothpaste was developed by Dr. Paul Herman who set out to make a nonallergenic toothpaste. Initially, Ugly consisted of three ingredients. Over a period of 18 months, the formula evolved to include 10 ingredients that Dr. Herman chose for their efficacy, consistency, and flavor: bentonite clay, purified water, coconut oil, birch xylitol, diatomaceous earth, coconut activated charcoal, hygdrogen peroxide, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, organic flavors, and hemp derived cannabidiol oil.