2018 featured new products

FlexYarn by ProxySoft

• ProxySoft is the manufacturer of ProxySoft periodontal floss, bridge, and implant cleaners, and 3-in-1 floss.

• Proxysoft floss products are for everyday use and contain built-in threaders, a soft FlexYarn brush section, and floss, all on one strand.

• Still plastic threader guides soft FlexYarn brush between teeth, around dental implants, under bridgework, and in braces.

• Soft FlexYarn brush is designed to clean large spaces between teeth caused by gum disease, reducing gum inflammation and improving overall gum health.

Visit proxysoft.com.

Riva Star desensitizer by SDI Limited

• Clinically tested and proven for decades

• Esthetically pleasing for the patient; reduced staining

• Immediate dentinal hypersensitivity relief for adults over the age of 21

• Noninvasive; suitable for MID

• Patented technology

Visit sdi.com.au/en-us/product/rivastar.

Cranberry Carbon Black face masks by Cranberry USA

• Be a game changer. Experience Carbon Black face masks along with Carbon Black nitrile gloves.