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‘People come see an orthodontist for many reasons.

One of them and probably the most common, is because their general dentist or pedia dentist refer them or their child to see a specialist.

The other reason is because they have general concern about their teeth or their child teeth.

The Americain association of Orthodontists recommend that all children by the age of 7 are seen by an Orthodontist.

Believe me that is not my goal in life, is to put Braces on a 7 or 8 year old but sometimes for dental reasons, squeletal reasons or just even mental reasons it is necessary.

That’s why I recommend treatment

A major concern about getting Othodontal treatment can be the cost,
we will go over to see if your insurance cover any portion of the treatment and if not, we always have affordable payment plan that we can put in place.

Whether you are a child or an adult the benefit or orthodontic treatment is to get that smile when you walking into a room, it lights that room up.

That’s what we want to give to you! A priceless smile that will give you confidence and self estime. Nothing is better than that.

I have been an Orthodontist and dental facial orthodontist for over 15 years I am proud to say that over these years I have a 5 out 5 stars rating on yelp.

Call this number to schedule a complementary consultation for you or your child 626 788 5911

Dr Karla Thompson, Orthodontists Pasadena Ca ‘

Our Website : http://www.smilehausortho.com

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