10+ Invisalign Tips

I just finished my Invisalign Treatment and thought I’d share with you some of my tricks and tips to having a successful treatment. I’ve had braces as a kid and I work at a dental office, so I thought I might be able to provide some invaluable insight into Invisalign.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed dentist, hygienist, or dental assistant. I don’t work for Invisalign. This is based solely on my own experience and what I gathered from watching others go through the process.

More info on my blog: http://www.harperkim.com/blog/10-best-invisalign-tips/

This is a long video so I wanted to list some areas you might be interested in skipping to:

Background info: 00:37
Tip #1: Go To A Good Dentist 03:18
Tip #2: Wear Your Aligners 05:18
Some Aligner Info: 08:15
Tip #3: Extend Wear Time 09:12
Attachments 09:44
Rubber bands 10:30
IPR: 10:43
Tip#4: Trim Aligners 11:49
Cleanings 14:00
Tip#5: Keep up with your cleaning appointments 14:34
Tip#6: Rinse. Floss. Brush 15:40
Waterpik 16:57
Tip#7: Second Toothbrush for Aligners 17:30
Tip#8: Non-Alcoholic mouth rinse 18:10
Tip#9: Tongue Cleaner 19:00
Tip#10: Deep Clean Aligners 19:20
Retainer Brites 19:48
Tip#11 Retainers 20:05
Viveras 21:25
Tip#12: Use Both Cases 24:00
Tip#13: Aligners Are Numbered 25:07
Tip#14: Chew on Chewies 25:58
Tip#15: Free Consult 27:51
Disclaimer: 27:26

Dentist I mention in this video:
Dr. Timothy Collins: http://www.completedentalhealth.net/
Hope you enjoyed this video!
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