Trying On $14 Veneers! Review and Demo – As Seen on TV!

When I saw these in store I had to try them out, as I said I thought this would be hilarious but at second thought I decided that was insensitive and I hope that maybe these provide some hope to people out there who are self conscious of their teeth.

I couldn’t find them in CVS anymore, but you can get them from Amazon: or the Perfect Smile Website

Some things I learnt from the website:
-You cannot eat or sleep with these Perfect Smile Veneers, but you can drink (I think with a straw would be ideal).
-Some people use the same pair for years.
-Wash them with a toothbrush and keep them in a glass of mouthwash overnight.

ALSO the ‘documentary’ my sister told me about is an online essay called ‘HAND TO MOUTH’ by Linda Tirado. Ellie said you can find info on youtube too.

If anyone knows of any charities for pro-bono dental work in the US please tell me and I will include it in the description and maybe we can all help. (I pledge to donate 0 if we find one, I did a search but didn’t get far.)

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