Come With Me To Get Clear Braces As An Adult! | ToTyeFor

Over the past few years, my bottom teeth have started to crowd majorly due to bad myofunctional habits. The crowding initially started when my wisdom teeth came and even after they were removed the crowding didn’t stop. I started to really dislike my teeth. Luckily, when I smiled you couldn’t really see the crowding because it is on my bottom teeth only and not my top.

I didn’t think there were only good options for me because as an adult in my late 20s, wearing metal braces was just not going to happen! I looked into Invisalign and even though it was pretty expensive I thought it would be a good choice. I ended up meeting someone who had Invisalign and they did not recommend I go that route. That’s when I heard about clear bracket braces! I was so thrilled because they aren’t very visible unless you are at a close distance and that’s just what I wanted…something discreet!

I did quite a bit of research and came across a place called Affordable Braces! Everyone at this place has been super nice and professional. They also stand by their name, my quoted price was a few grand less than other places! I am so happy with my decision to take this journey and I hope you all enjoy the ride as I will be doing either monthly or bi-monthly updates!

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