Retainers After Braces | Perminant and Temporary | Ashley Craig

Retainers After Braces: Permanent and Temporary:

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My Viral Braces Transformation:

After my braces transformation, I was given two different kinds of retainers to wear.

The first retainer was a permanent one. This retainer consisted of a lingual wire being bonded behind my top 6 teeth. I will have to wear this retainer forever. I was given this retainer per my choice, so that I could further prevent my overcrowded top teeth from shifting in the future.

The second retainer I was given is a temporary one called the Essix Retainer. The Essix retainer looks similar to the commonly known Invisalign retainers. I have to wear the Essix retainer every night to prevent shifting. In the future I will be able to wear it every other night to just a few times a week for life.

My braces transformation is one of the most drastic and extreme dental cases you will find online. My teeth were very crowded on the top and bottom. I didn’t have any wisdom teeth. During my treatment I needed to have many different appliances in my mouth such as a bite plate, coils, and wires, in order to get my teeth straight.

When I got braces, I got the ceramic braces. I didn’t want to go with the traditional metal braces, and my teeth were far too crooked for clear braces or invisilign braces. I took a picture of my braces transformation progress before every orthodontics appointment; which was two months apart. This time lapse is of the first year with braces. I continued to have my braces for another year after this video before I got my braces off.

HOW I AFFORDED BRACES AS A POOR KID: I tried saving money but I was young and it was impossible to do. So I graduated high school and went off to college. Once I was in college I took out a loan for school and after paying for school I used my loan money to make a down payment of about 00. That enabled me to make monthly payments of 0 which with a job was doable. The total cost was ,600 without insurance. I just finished my last braces payment this month, now I am left with paying back my student loans. The way I did this was perfect for me. My life has gotten so much better. ANYONE can figure out a way to do this if they put there mind to it. It my take years like me but it feels so good to accomplish it.

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