Retainer Options When Braces Come Off

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Perfect Smile Veneers Instructional – Getting Started

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How to Get Dental Insurance : Insurance Questions

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Getting dental insurance is something that is easier if you go directly through your employer. Get dental insurance with help from an experienced insurance professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Susan Combs
Filmmaker: Nick Laden

Series Description: Insurance can be an incredibly complicated topic, so it is always important to ask questions if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Get tips on insurance questions with help from an experienced insurance professional in this free video series.

3 TRUE SCARY Creepy Stories: Lawyers/Dentists/Cops

True scary stories from Reddit letsnotmeet. Horror stories from the internet. Real scary stories from the internet. Creepy encounters with professionals from lawyers dentists to fake cops.

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Your Options for Invisible Braces

We understand that sometimes metal braces aren’t the most desirable option. If you yourself are faced with a job in which you must deal with customers or are involved in public speaking then you may be looking for a more subtle option. Likewise for children or teenagers that suffer with low self esteem there are additional options that may bring less attention to their mouths and spare them from embarrassment. One of these options is the use of traditional braces that are virtually invisible due to the use of ceramics instead of metals. These ceramics mimic the color of your existing teeth, making them much harder to spot except under close examination. Alternatively you may prefer to consider the option of Invisalign; a process that involves using a series of custom-built and near-invisible plastic aligners to gently adjust the position of your teeth. Be sure to mention your desire for an invisible treatment when you speak to your orthodontist to discover more about the options open to you.

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